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The History of Delta Psi Chi Fraternity, Inc.

Delta Psi Chi Fraternity, Inc. was founded on April 24, 1985, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

From our inception, Delta Psi Chi Fraternity, Inc. has excelled on its goal to be different from what was considered “traditional” in the Greek-lettered society. We pride ourselves on our bond of brotherhood and never-ending loyalty to each other. No matter how far apart we are or how long it’s been since seeing each other, you’ll always see that bond between our members.

history Initially, Delta Psi Chi Fraternity, Inc. was not intended to be a national fraternity. Membership was limited to close friends and associates. Only in rare occasions, was membership extended to those outside the city of Milwaukee. However, the very principles and foundation of what brought Delta Psi Chi Fraternity, Inc. into existence could not be limited to one city. Today, our brotherhood spans throughout the country as new chapters are formed continuously. 

Delta Psi Chi Fraternity, Inc. was not created to compete with other fraternities, or sororities.  Over the years, we have continuously extended our hand in brotherhood, and have done various ventures with Pan-Hellenic and non Pan-Hellenic fraternities and sororities – even when met with some opposition early on. Today, we are referred to as friends and family with other fraternities and sororities and countless community and college organizations as well. We have never viewed any group as an “enemy” to our fraternity because Delta Psi Chi Fraternity, Inc. was formed in brotherhood, and not created to disrupt what has already been established.

Delta Psi Chi Fraternity Facts

Official Name: Delta Psi Chi Fraternity, Inc.
Founding Place: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Founding Date: April 24, 1985
National Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI
Fraternity Mascot: The Swordsman
Fraternity Title: Men of Excellence
Fraternity Call: “Waooh”
Fraternity Colors: Wine Burgundy and Sunshine Gold
Fraternity Flower: Baby Golden Rose
Fraternal Jewel: Ruby




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