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Founding Rubies

MHFF Alex Beamon: Alex Beamon was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from Milwaukee Hamilton High School and attended the School of Business at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. MHFF Beamon’s community focus centers on the development of the youth and he still remains active in many of Delta Psi Chi’s community events and activities such as the pledge processes and feeding the community. MHFF Beamon is a Milwaukee County Correctional Officer serving in the juvenile division for 13 years. He has received awards from Aurora Job Family and certificates from Milwaukee County specializing in principles of subject control. He currently resides in the Milwaukee area and has four sons.

MHFF Rafael Reyes: Rafael Reyes was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from Rufus King High School and attended Carroll College, The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and Trinity College; receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Science and Technology. MHFF Reyes community focus centers on coaching soccer and flag football. He is a soccer and flag football coach at the YMCA in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas Area; along with being a soccer coach and board member for the Central Ellis County Soccer Association. MHFF Reyes worked and served in the United States Navy for nine years. He has also held the position of Maintenance Planner for Continental Caribbean Container, Maintenance Functioning Manager for Walgreen’s Logistics and currently works as a Maintenance Supervisor for Hanson Pressure Pipe in Grand Prairie, Texas. MHFF Reyes currently resides in Waxahachie, Texas with his wife Maria and two children.

MHFF Harold C. Young: Harold C. Young was born in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from Rufus King High School and attended the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. MHFF Young’s community focus centers on the work of the ministry as he comes from a family line of ministers. He has attended Christian Faith Fellowship Church here in the Milwaukee Area since 1991 and currently holds the position of Elder. MHFF Young is a detective for the Milwaukee Police Department and has been on the force for 22 years. He is also a successful entrepreneur being the proprietor of Harold’s Kitchen specializing in catering since 1998 and the distributor of an upcoming auto detail cleaning solution called Buff Less. MHFF Young has received several merit awards from the Milwaukee Police Department including recognition from the Wisconsin Club for community service and citizenship. He currently resides in Milwaukee with his wife Robin married for 23 years with three children.

MHFF Andre Joiner: Andre Joiner was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He attended Brown Deer High School and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee receiving degrees in the busing and finance fields. MHFF Joiner has worked with Attorney Generals throughout the United States, farmers to develop acreage production history, carrier relations, product management, sales training and public speaking including compliance for insurance in 24 different states. He has also held the position of Senior Vice President of US Bank. MHFF Joiner serves the community by utilizing his expertise in the areas of banking and insurance services to help assist those in business including employers. He currently holds the position of Vice President for employee benefits services at Johnson Bank Insurance along with being Human Resources consultant. MHFF Joiner also sits on the Board of Directors for AJ Professional Hair Products. He has created a legacy from Delta Psi Chi Fraternity Inc that has lead down the Joiner family bloodline. MHFF Andre Joiner currently resides in Oak Creek, Wisconsin with his wife and children.

MHFF Barry Ward: Barry Ward was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended Grace Christian College and Theological Seminary in Loris, South Carolina receiving a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Theology. MHFF Ward’s community focus centers on ministry in the area of community outreach and music ministry. He has served as director of the Marquette University Gospel and the YMCA Youth Leadership Academy Boys Choir. MHFF Ward has also served on the national board of the NAACP along with the National Baptist Student Union Retreat. He has served as the Sports and Teen Director for the Boys and Girls Club in Henderson, Nevada and a Paraprofessional for Milwaukee Public Schools. MHFF Ward has received many honors and awards ranging from the 2004 Young Leaders Academy WHO of Professional Educators, the 2002 YMCA Leaders Awards; including service and black excellence awards from Marquette University and Time Warner Cable. He was also the Messmer High School Assistant Boys Varsity Basketball Coach leading them to a WIAA State Championship in 1987. MHFF Ward currently is the 8th grade teacher for Emmaus Lutheran Evangelical School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and chief facilitator for Grace Christian Bible College in Brookfield, Wisconsin. He is also the CEO for the City of Zion Fellowship and an ordained Reverend of the Baptist Faith. MHFF Ward currently resides in Brookfield, Wisconsin with his wife Linda, two children and six grandchildren.

HFF Denvelt Harris: Denvelt Harris was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from Milwaukee Tech High School and attended Texas College in Tyler, Texas. His community focus centers around the progression of the youth in the educational system. HFF Harris is currently the coordinator of security and transportation at the Milwaukee Academy of Science; a Wisconsin charter school. He is also a successful entrepreneur with the ownership of King’s Cleaning; a janitorial service. HFF Harris currently resides in Milwaukee with his wife Lynette, four children and one grandchild.

HFF Darryl Terry: Darryl Terry was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from Milwaukee Tech High School in 1983 and attended North Dakota State University, Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Phoenix. HFF Terry has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology. His community focus centers around being a volunteer in coaching basketball, guitar lessons, including church activities at the New Testament Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. HFF Terry has worked in Distribution Protection Engineering for WE Energies the last 23 years. He is also the founder of Another Level a contemporary jazz band. HFF Terry has been on the National Honor Society while attending Milwaukee Tech High School; he was member of the 1983 WIAA State Championship Team which led to a basketball scholarship at North Dakota State University. HFF Terry currently resides in Milwaukee with his wife Kelly, married for 17 years with two daughters.

Do you know the value of a ruby?

In the Christian Book of Proverbs it states: "A capable, intelligent and virtuous woman, who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies."  The choice of rubies as the penultimate standard of value is not a coincidence: Rarer than diamonds, and with a color that has variously symbolized blood, anger, love, courage, fire and royalty, rubies have played a part in the myths and imaginations of cultures around the world throughout written history.  Pre-historic tools found near the mining areas of Myanmar may suggest that man's fascination with rubies predates language itself.

The color of the heart, ruby has inspired passion and romance for centuries.  Ruby has the power to stimulate sexual desire and energy. This gem was thought to attract and maintain love and friendship. It's a great choice for an engagement ring.

Also the color of blood, ruby has come to symbolize courage and bravery.  According to legend, warriors implanted rubies under their skin to bring valor in battle. As a talisman ruby would warn its owner against danger and disaster.  It was also said to cure blood diseases and stop bleeding, ensure good health and bring peace.

Only recent technology has enabled us to definitively distinguish ruby from its colorful "twins." Throughout history, other red gems such as spinel and garnet were mistaken for ruby. In fact, most large historical red stones (several hundred carats) are spinels. The French and Russian crowns and the Iranian treasury all contain some of the world's largest, most beautiful "ruby" spinel, itself a rare gem.

Congratulations to our Seven Rubies




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